The Company

W.G. van der Jagt en Zn. B.V. started in 1953 by breeding vegetables and carnations. In the 1970ís we changed to breeding roses.

In 1996 we started breeding Hydrangea. At first only 1000 m2 and slowly we changed the entire company to Hydrangea. We completed this in 2002.

We use 12000m2 greenhouses and 2500m2 screens to breed Hydrangea.

At the moment we breed 10 different kinds of Hydrangea. Some are from the default assortment, some are renewed kinds. We are continuously looking for better kinds (more flowers, well maintainable and beautiful flower shapes). Through crossing the Hydrangeas we try to better an renew the assortment.

New breads

Our company tries to breed aware of the environment by using our own mixture of substrate. Whenever possible we use biological solutions to overcome problems, which has made the company MPS-A certified.